Week 1 — A plan of plans.

Some days are tougher than others to find things to do.

Today Miss Eyres and I went for a walk to the shops. It was a cold windy day so we didn’t want to stay out for long, which was such a shame because we both really wanted to be outside. Once we got back, we felt a little aimless, what could we acheive with our day?

We decided that people need routines. So after a couple of cups of coffee, we made a plan to make a plan. We set up a calendar with what we were going to do on each day.

Here are some other things we have seen or done this week:

Went on several cycle rides and runs.
Sat in the garden and birdwatched.
Sunbathed until we got freckles.
Sold an old television. (Not the actual television.)
Video chatted with parents and friends. (Not our actual family)
Enjoyed the sun anyway we could
Did a lot of cleaning!

And ofcourse, lots and lots of planning!

(Not our actual planners)



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